The Little Things We Forget When Wedding Planning

The Little Things We Forget When Wedding Planning

Despite the massive amount of time and energy put into wedding planning, many people find they still forget so many mall things. Don’t sweat the small stuff and prepare a list ahead of time so all of your wedding details are taken care of the right way. Start with this list to give you the upper hand when planning a wedding.

Don’t forget:

·    Bad weather can happen. A Plan B for adverse weather always helps secure a great wedding day no matter what tries to stand in the way.

·    Sunset is the best time of day to take wedding photographs. Make yourself available for photographs at sunset to capture amazing shots.

·    Your bridal party needs transportation. How will they get to the ceremony? Plan a limo or other transportation to secure that need.

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·    Gratitude is appreciated during catering events and ensures that you get the best of service from the staff. Don’t forget gratuities when planning the budget.

·    You need a few more chairs than people expected at the wedding. Add a minimum 20 extra chairs than guests.

·    How will the bride and groom get around after the wedding? Don’t forget this important booking!

·    The event may run over. Ask vendors about overtime rates or how they handle events that run longer than expected.

·    You’ll need several hotel rooms. Book a block of rooms to keep the wedding party together.

·    Out-of-town bags are nice to put together for your wedding party attendees coming to the party from out of town. Include details about the wedding in the bag.

There is so much to do to plan a wedding. It’s one of the most special events in a person’s life, after all. But, with the right event planning birmingham mi, you can take a sigh of relief with the assurance that your wedding is done right.