The Do’s and Don’t’s of Train Etiquette

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Train Etiquette


Trains are one of the oldest methods of transportation, but that doesn’t mean your manners have to be outdated.

Many people have never ridden in a train before, and several million people in America consider a train to be a subway- although the two vastly differ.

We’re specifically speaking about trains; locomotives, steam-powered engines, the ones that go on a railroad track.

If you find yourself fortunate enough to ever enjoy an experience on a train, make sure you know the proper train etiquette.

DO: Arrive more than on time


What’s more than on time you ask? Well that’s on time with time to spare. It is courteous to show up to the train station even earlier because schedules can change, trains can become derailed, they’re totally unpredictable so it’s better to be on time, safe than sorry.

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DON’T: Watch videos on the train platform


Watch videos, play on your phone, chat; we recommend not interacting with your phone while on the platform. The trains come extremely fast and could potentially be harmful for anyone who isn’t paying attention.

DO: Use your quiet voice


Trains are small, compact, and different from many other forms of public transportation. It is polite to keep your voice down when talking inside the train.

DON’T: Take up more than one seat

If you didn’t pay for a seat for you, your huge legs, or your extra baggage, move it out of the way. All train seats are meant for sitting, store baggage in the compartments elsewhere.

If you’re interested in riding a train now, but never have, the Moore haven florida dinner train is an excellent place to start. Dinner trains are often shorter, have a scheduled itinerary, and therefore make it an easy first attempt at practicing your train etiquette.