Struggling Artist No More When She Sells Online

Struggling Artist No More When She Sells Online

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Would the artist have been offended if the messenger had suggested this much? The messenger, being a struggling writer himself, on reflection decided that this statement may have had cliché written all over it. And yet it has come to pass that so many out there who leaned so heavily on being creative instead of just working nine to five like everyone else may have chosen to bravely struggle on.

But this much the painterly artist should know by now. People will indeed buy handmade paintings online if they are that good. The artist never underestimates the online consumer’s ability to judge for him or herself. Who says that the average nine to five worker cannot have the eye of an art critic? And who is to say that there are many out there spending good time at their local art galleries and museums, if only to dream.

Dreaming of the scenery that the talented painter has captured. Dreaming of acquiring fine works of art to hang up in their own hallways and living rooms someday. The dream bubble did already burst. Realistically speaking, no one is ever expected to be able to afford a painting hanging up in the Tate gallery, or the Louvre, for that matter. But surely by now, everyone can afford to buy handmade paintings online.

No qualifications or credit checks are required. Just a blatant love for fine art. The fine artist will be so glad that you pushed the buy now button. Yet another month of being able to pay the bills on time. More importantly, yet another month of being able to be in the meadows, out in the countryside painting a very fine landscape indeed. Being able to do such things cost money. And yet you would have hardly noticed.